Appraisal Report: The Client

The client and “intended user” of an appraisal report is any person(s), company, or agent thereof, who requests a completed appraisal report from a particular appraiser. 

For mortgage purposes, the Lender typically orders the appraisal by sending the appraiser a Letter of Engagement, which is a request for an appraisal of a particular property. As a result, the Lender will be identified as the client and intended user of the appraisal report. No regard is given to who paid for the report.

If a homeowner orders an appraisal report, by hiring an appraiser, then the homeowner in this case will be the client and intended user of the report. Authentic Valuations has created a Comparison Analysis Report that is designed for the homeowner and intended for their personal use. The report is geared towards giving a full understanding of property value by focusing on in depth points of comparison that are not available in a traditional appraisal report.  

Client: “The party or parties who engage, by employment or contract, an appraiser in a specific assignment.” Source: USPAP, 2014-2015, U-2.

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